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Cornerstone Counseling was the leading practice to offer Accelerated Resolution Therapy® in the state of Maine.


Founded by Laney Rosenzweig, MS, LMFT in 2007, Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART) is an eye movement therapy that aims to replicate the movements found during the Rapid Eye Movement (REM) stage of sleep. This stage of sleep is known to aid the body and/or mind in things such as problem solving ability, healing of pain, and calming responses. ART uses these same eye movements to facilitate lasting changes in the brain. 

ART is focused and directive, allowing the therapist to use the eye movements in a very specific way to aid in the resolution of many issues, such as: PTSD, anxiety, depression or mood related concerns, pain, and more. ART therapy can also aid the client in completely eliminating negative images, such as those associated with loss or death, traumatic memories, or a phobia of snakes. These negative images are targeted during the session using an aspect of ART called Voluntary Image Replacement (VIR).


The eye movements seem to open a window of opportunity to make sustained changes in the brain. The body remains calm while the mind stays alert and engages in problem solving. By the end of the session a client can no longer retrieve negative images and the associated body sensations, such as any anxiety, grief, or stress. These sensations become more positive; the client can feel relief, happiness, peace, safety. The client retains the facts of any memories or experiences, but loses the negative images and emotions associated with it. 

“We say ‘Keep the Knowledge, Lose the Pain,’ because the client can recall their trauma or problem with little or no negative affect, and, in fact, the affect becomes positive in most cases. Natural endorphins are often triggered when we problem solve and the client leaves feeling they have resolution and feeling good,” explains Rosenzweig.

ART sessions follow a very specific protocol. It is not uncommon to feel some of the usual unease and discomfort about your concerns initially. The goal is to quickly pass beyond these feelings to ones of calm and relief, as well as to have resolution of your problem or concern; the evidence to date shows that the changes made will be permanent. Most clients feel relief in 1-5 sessions!

Stephanie Grant reported "I could feel a difference in my anxiety level almost immediately. After a session, I also noticed that my usual triggers for my PTSD were dramatically reduced. As a Veteran who has received traditional therapy, I prefer drug free alternatives for treatment. This one really works."

For more information, please visit www.acceleratedresolutiontherapy.com